Jay Chinnadorai, founder of Sumtotal.

We are a strategy, technology and product development consultancy that specialises in the delivery of digital content/services over mobile and broadband networks. We also help clients to bring their existing digital services to the physical world and vice versa. The guiding principle around which we engage with all our clients is that the customer is always at the centre of everything we design, develop and deliver.  

Sumtotal has been helping clients, for more than 10 years, in the telecommunications, media and consumer electronics markets to deliver innovative products and services that are in many instances game changing within their respective market sector. More recently, we have also helped clients in the smart energy and Internet of Things (IoT) sector. The underlying common thread we recognise, across all the market sectors we operate in, is the fact that mobile and broadband penetration is almost ubiquitous thus enabling new and innovative ways of reaching the  end consumer. 

We have access to a broad network of renowned industry experts and visionaries who provide fresh views, insights and pragmatic approaches which can augment our own internal resources. 

Sumtotal was founded by Jay Chinnadorai in 2004. Prior to founding Sumtotal, Jay was Vice President of Sony Europe responsible for different business units including Mobile Phones, Set-Top Boxes and the Mobile Service Provision Business. Previously, Jay worked with Thomson Consumer Electronics as Marketing Director of the UK Operations. Jay also advises and sits on the Boards of several start-ups.